YouTube ReVanced MOD APK v18.29.33 (Premium, No ADS)

Here is everything you need to know about YouTube ReVanced MOD APK so you can listen to your favorite music and watch videos without any problem.

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Introduction YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

Nowadays people spend most of their time on YouTube Vanced to kill their time by watching videos and listening to music. It is a platform where people can cherish exclusive features and enjoy the variety of content available.

The latest version of YouTube Vanced that was modified recently is YouTube ReVanced MOD APK which has introduced multiple new features for a better user experience. Sometimes suitable alternatives provide better content and features in order to fulfill the users’ needs.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is the official replacement, which aims to provide multiple advanced features and offers functions that you have never used before. In this article, I will tell you everything regarding the latest version, YouTube ReVanced MOD APK which is comparably better in functioning. Read the article completely to know the improved features of this modified version.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

People prefer platforms that provide advanced features and different modes. The YouTube ReVanced MOD APK provides endless benefits to the user and makes sure to provide a better user experience. The size of this modified version (18.19.35) is 136 MB and it was updated on 31st May 2023. This platform provides Music Premium, which consists of multiple music genres for free. This app is just a start-up, which means that more development will take place with time.

Another good thing about YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is that you can play any music of your choice in the background while using other applications in order to reduce boredom. You can make changes accordingly like you can customize your playback speed, remove sponsored segments, disable ads, and use other grilling features as well. The YouTube ReVanced MOD APK premium features provide incredible features and streaming to users all over the world.

This APK file is easy to install as you do not need any technical knowledge for it. Sometimes people get an error while downloading so in order to avoid it you must uninstall the old version first.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is a renewed version of YouTube Vanced. To know more details regarding the premium features of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK you should better continue reading this article.

Features Of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

The features of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK are as follows;

1. Sponsor Block

One of the best features of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is the SponsorBlock. This feature allows the user to block the Sponsor Ads. Sometimes brands pay the YouTubers to show the Sponsor Ads, which really distracts people while they are using YouTube ReVanced MOD APK. In order to prevent this distraction you can SponsorBlock in order to prevent Sponsor videos.

2. Background PlayBack

Many people use YouTube for watching videos and listening to music. The YouTube ReVanced MOD APK allows background PlayBack, which will allow you to listen to music while browsing different applications. Now, you can keep listening to music while working as your Background music will continue playing.

3. Instant Download

Sometimes people face a lot of problems while downloading a hacked version. But, the good thing about YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is that it allows an instant download procedure. The installation steps of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK are quite easy. Also, you can further download the videos from YouTube ReVanced APK and share them with your friends as well.

4. Return Dislike

Return dislike is an option where you can provide your review about the video or a piece of music on YouTube ReVanced MOD APK. After watching the videos you can simply like or dislike it, which will provide a rating to that specific video. Returning dislike provides suggestions to other people regarding the video you have watched.

5. No Ads

No advertisements were needed. When individuals are watching anything online then they don’t want any distraction. So, YouTube ReVanced MOD APK allows no Ads, which makes sure that users watch videos of their choice without interruption by Ads.

6. HDR Auto Brightening

HDR Auto Brightening is one of the best features of YouTube ReVanced MOD APK. It helps the user to set brightness settings accordingly. This feature provides a dynamic view of watching videos that results in better and amazing video quality. Also, this feature allows the user to protect their eyes from high brightening. Using this feature, an individual can adjust the brightness according to their bearing level.

7. Remove Full-Screen Panels

Removing full-screen panels allows you to minimize the screen while watching the video. Doing this will help people watch videos without being interrupted.


ReVanced is basically the advanced version of YouTube Vanced, which provides unique and premium features to the user.

Yes, ReVanced supports music, which allows the users to listen to their favorite music while using other applications as well.

Yes, Vanced still works but people are now preferring to use ReVanced APK so that they can enjoy advanced features.

No, ReVanced is not affiliated with Vanced as it is the modified version with better features and quality.

Yes, ReVanced will always stay up to date with YouTube as you can use patches to renew the information of this latest version.


Well, I hope that now you have understood the concept of YouTube ReVanced APK. You can simply download this in order to watch multiple videos online. This app is more advanced with premium features that are fulfilling the needs of the user. This app is simply best for YouTubers as it provides all the opportunities and prevents subscription problems.

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