Truecaller MOD APK v13.35.6 Download (Premium version) For Android

Truecaller MOD APK With its effective number recognition feature, you may protect yourself from unwanted spam calls and stay one step ahead.

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Introduction to Truecaller MOD APK

Do you, like many people, avoid answering the phone when it rings with an unknown number? If you answered yes, you must give Truecaller MOD APK a shot. Those who are not familiar with this application should continue reading this piece of writing to the very end since, in this tutorial, we will discuss everything there is to know about the Truecaller MOD APK.

The fact that it blocks calls you don’t want to receive is undoubtedly the most useful feature of this software. Let’s go deeper into this topic so that we may get more information on it.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block APK

The mobile software Truecaller has the ability to completely change the way you use your smartphone to manage calls and messages. With Truecaller, you have more power than ever to direct your communication flow. On your mobile device, Truecaller is your dependable partner for a better, more organized, and more secure conversation.

By giving you the power to manage your calls and messages, you can make sure that you only engage with the people and information that are important to you. Today, add Truecaller to your phone and experience a new level of safety and comfort in your daily communications.

Truecaller: Caller ID and Block APK information

Truecaller has made it possible to identify the caller before answering any calls from unknown numbers. Furthermore, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to take the call. The Truecaller app displays the caller’s name and alerts you to telemarketers, scammers, and automated calls.

This program will work wonders for you if you want to stop getting calls from random numbers. Additionally, its sophisticated spam detector can automatically ban the numbers for you. Isn’t it incredible? Truecaller will handle it for you, so you don’t even have to bother; as a result, you won’t get any calls or texts from spammers.

App Specifications

This app’s APK version runs on Android phones with version 7.0 or higher. What I enjoy most is that this software is merely 80.4 MB in size and won’t consume much of the phone’s storage. Therefore, even those with limited phone storage can download and take advantage of its features.

This application needs an internet connection, with the exception of some Android operating systems. Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection are both options. This app runs smoothly on both platforms. It is necessary for your mobile device to be connected to the internet. Please make sure that your device is connected to a network to access internet services. constantly in order to get the most out of it.

Truecaller’s Caller ID and Block APK features

Truecaller is popular software since it includes a ton of useful functions. This program allows you to customize the screen by adding images of your friends and family members to the contact numbers, in addition to identifying callers and preventing spam calls. Thus, Truecaller will display the picture and the phone number when they call. Because of this function, many people think TrueCaller is a fun app. What opinions do you have on this? Do you think it’s cool too?

It also offers a lot of other desirable characteristics. For instance, if you get a call from an unknown number, a true caller will display the caller’s ID along with the number of times this number has been reported as unwanted. This makes it simple to use and enables you to determine whether the call is from a legitimate source or a scammer.

I love a lot of the other incredible features that this practical program has to offer. They are listed below, so you can see how useful the app TrueCaller is.

You’ll be shocked to learn that this software has a virtual assistant that not only recognizes spam callers but also picks up the phone to check out who is contacting you and why. You have the option to either accept or reject the proposal. Call using the information that has been gathered.

The app contains a feature that automatically filters spam calls by identifying them in its data. To stop bothering you, the truecaller will automatically recognize and ban several numerous users who have done so.

● This program doesn’t just identify spam callers; it also recognizes robocalls, scammers, telemarketers, etc. To avoid wasting time, avoid answering calls from unknown numbers that you might consider to be important.

● Additionally, it enables users to record a brief selfie video so that if friends or family call, they may enjoy watching it. It offers a reverse number lookup capability that uses phone numbers to find out who is calling. Additionally, you can use Truecaller to look for the name and ID of an unknown number. The fact that this software allows for free friend communication is its most prominent feature. So stop using paid texting services and switch to Truecaller’s free messaging service. It also separates your SMS into personal, essential, other, and spam categories.

The Truecaller premium subscription offers additional features like no commercials, profile viewer ID, blocking and filter choices, announce call, which lets you know who is calling without glancing at the phone, and viewing other IDs covertly.

What is the Truecaller MOD APK?

The TrueCaller application has several premium versions, the most premium of which is the TrueCaller mod apk. This is because the TrueCaller mod apk offers features and services that are only available in the application’s premium versions. The use of any of the services provided in this version is totally unlimited, and there is no cost associated with making use of any of them.

When you use the application, you won’t find that there are any distracting ads to deal with because there are none in this version. You will get access to all of the premium features and settings if you purchase this edition, giving you the flexibility to use any of them in accordance with your tastes.

Main Features of MOD APK

MOD Features Unlimited Call Recording

There is no storage limit when it comes to Truecaller’s call recording algorithm; therefore, you can create unlimited records of your call history without running out of space for storage purposes. All recordings will be safely saved to your account, so they are easily accessible when logging in or signing out of Truecaller.

No advertisement

Our modded version has an Ad Blocker, which automatically blocks ads before they reach your screen, eliminating annoying popups before they have even had time to appear.

Unlocked Pro Features

In its modded version, all paid features will already be unlocked—at no cost whatsoever.

Comfortable UI

This app’s interface and algorithm make using it very straightforward for anyone without needing any complex tactics or strategies. All options of its graphical user interface are straightforward, with icons and descriptions for every feature, making the experience of newcomers much more concise; those who can read or understand English shouldn’t encounter any complications while using this application.

Control Messages

You will also use this application as your primary messaging app, using its messaging features for sending and receiving texts and messages, scheduling future ones, and much more. In addition, its automatic detection and blocking capability identifies unknown and blocked contacts while creating a separate section for them, along with spam, block, telemarketer messages, and scams.


These are Truecaller MOD APK’s benefits.

  • Keep a note of your calls so that you can easily refer back to important conversations or information.
  • Blocking: Keep your phone free of unwanted interruptions by blocking unauthorized calls and messages.
  • Instantly identify callers, even those who are not on your contact list, and use that information to help you decide whether to answer or not.
  • Trust: Truecaller MOD APK’s safe and dependable features shield you against spam, fraud, and fake calls.
  • Enable dark mode to save battery life and lessen eye fatigue when using the app.
  • Protection from Fraudsters: Be vigilant about telemarketers and other potential sources of fraud.
  • Easy to Use: Truecaller has a straightforward user interface that makes it simple for anyone to use.
  • No Ads: Enjoy an experience devoid of intrusive advertisements.
  • Truecaller is speedily responsive thanks to performance optimization, which makes sure it works well on your gadget.
  • Excellent UI: Enjoy a superb user experience that improves your interaction with the program.

How can I download the Truecaller MOD APK?

Modified games cannot be installed the same way as regular ones, and many gamers may need help figuring out how to download one if that is their goal. If this applies to you and if you wish to acquire Truecaller MOD APK, then follow these steps below. And we are confident it can help.

  • To begin, you need to enable Unknown Sources in your device settings. Once you have done that, you can move on to the next step. Head to Google and search for a trustworthy third-party website like Apkmolo, which offers Truecaller MOD APK downloads. On that website’s search bar, type Truecaller MOD APK before pressing enter.
  • To proceed, please click the download button and wait for the download to finish. until the process completes itself.
  • Once your download is finished, access your device’s file manager to locate and search for the Truecaller MOD APK file.
  • Please open and install the file by launching an executable file from its location on your desktop PC or launching it through an FTP client.


Yes, this app is completely secure in terms of keeping the data confidential and the app virus-free.

Yes, it is free. You can download it from the Play Store free of charge, but the premium version of Truecaller – Caller ID & Block will cost you 25.99 euros annually. Also, the premium version has many additional features like no ads, etc. But if you want a free premium, then download Truecaller MOD APK.

Yes, Truecaller has an auto-spam detector that blocks spam calls for you by identifying your incoming calls. So your time doesn’t get wasted by answering unwanted calls.

One of the features of the actual caller is identifying the number of spam calls from over 300 million users and blocking unknown numbers like scammers, spammers, telemarketers, etc., immediately.

To install the Truecaller MOD APK version, you can look for the application on Google, type in the search bar, and type Truecaller MOD APK. Find a reliable source and download your app. Truecaller will be downloaded to your phone. After downloading, click on install. for complete details please visite

A few apps can block calls for users, e.g., Truecaller MOD APK. It blocks unwanted calls for you, spammers, telemarketers, etc. Although they will still be able to call you, the only difference is that you won’t get notified.

After installing Truecaller and creating an account, you can activate your ID by navigating to your phone settings, then going to apps and selecting default apps from there. After that, like the caller ID and spam app Select Truecaller from there, and you are done.


Truecaller MOD APK can help keep your privacy while using your phone by showing notifications from blocked numbers, blocking telemarketer calls and texts, viewing people’s profiles privately in private mode without using too much battery life, using its dark mode feature for battery savings, as well as its reverse number lookup function to see who is calling back! It even features its reverse number lookup function so that you know who it was who called.

Truecaller features an intelligent assistant for spotting spam calls and voicemails from callers; in addition, it functions as a chat app and elegantly organizes communications between two individuals. Furthermore, the most recent version provides access to premium features, including unlimited call recording as well as an ad blocker, at no cost, providing one more reason why Truecaller stands out among similar apps.

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