Pokemon Quest Mod Apk 1.0.6 (Unlimited ingredients and Free Unlock All Characters)

Pokemon Quest Mod Apk is a role-playing game that offers you limitless puzzles and resources for free. Get tons of characters and more.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to Pokemon Quest Mod Apk

Enter into the exciting world of Pokemon Quest Mod Apk. It’s like a special version of the game that adds a lot of fun stuff. Get all the ingredients you need whenever you want in the game, like having endless supplies to cook up amazing recipes for your Pokemon friends. And guess what? You can also unlock all the characters without any restrictions. You can use all sorts of cool characters in your game!

Think of it as a mix of adventure and strategy. You get to explore new places and team up with different Pokemon characters. The best part? Your Pokemon friends can become even stronger and cooler as you play. This is all possible because of the modified features of the game. With amazing graphics and visuals, you can play Pokemon Quest on Android, iOS, and tablets. 

What is the Pokemon Quest APK?

 Pokemon Quest APK is a very interesting and unique game available on the Play Store with 10 million or more downloads. In this game, you aim to capture new Pokemon and discover hidden islands and treasure. The game provides you easy control system and high-quality gameplay that immerses you for a long time in the Pokemon game. Make your houses & base camps in the game, train your Pokemon for battles, and after winning, you can capture your opposite Pokemon.

Start battles by tapping on your Pokemon, and fight with 190+ positions powerfully as well. You can also test your skills before competing with some other Pokemon. Learn new skills and find out about new wild Pokemon. Moreover, collect unique abilities and powers for your Pokemon. If you love to play storyline games, then you must try the Pokemon Quest Mod APK game. The Pokemon Quest original version contains ads and maybe lag issues, but the Pokemon Quest mod offers you a wide range of features unlocked and also provides your ad-free gameplay without charge. Download the Mod version from our website, including many other mods of the original games for free.

Pokemon Quest Mod Apk 2023

Have you ever thought of going on a treasure hunt? let’s explore hidden treasures and islands with your friends in the game. The Pokemon Quest MOD APK allows you to play as a hunter! You will head out to explore hidden exclusive goodies, including finding new Pokemon and making land for them. You will get various beautiful Pokemons but the Pokemon Blue and Pink are more beautiful than others. The Pokemon Quest MOD APK is a modified version that gives you unlimited ingredients, PM tickets, free shopping, free all premium resources, and unlocks all characters for free.

You can explore Tumble Cube Island, in which you will see all the Pokemons in the shape of a cube. Collect all Pokemon and participate in battles that help you make more friends and unlock the next level. You can make a beautiful island by decorating it, and crafting new things in the game will add more beauty to your land. Take part in different challenges, complete missions, and win endless amounts of money that you can use to unlock all levels without any restrictions in the Pokemon Quest MOD APK’s latest version, 2023. 


Explore these fantastic features in the world of Pokemon Quest and create your own unique journey filled with adventure, friendship, and exciting battles!

Capture New Pokemons

There are plenty of Pokemon available in the game, but you have to discover more Pokemon, like Cube Shape Pokemon with different colors. Every Pokemon has its own unique powers & abilities that you can use depending on battle situations. Collect as a large number of Pokemon as you can because you have to increase the Pokemon population on your island. Expand your island and make your Pokemon unique with new skills. 

Participate in Battles & Challenges

There will be various events and battles held weekly. Participate in battles, and win the matches. After winning the battles, you can get more Pokemon to unlock as a gift. Must play different challenges and complete them to get exclusive rewards and resources. You can rank your Pokemon’s level, and power and learn new skills by participating in tasks and battles. 

Craft new Things to Decorate Your Island

You will find new things by discovering new islands. You can use these items to live on the island and buy resources. Moreover, craft new things and use them to make beautiful islands, use various items, and put them all in the correct place where they look beautiful and right. 

Build Your Base

The Pokemon Quest Mod APK allows you to build your own base in which you can do many activities and live safely. You can train your Pokemon, sharpen their abilities, and prepare them for different battles. 

Find Hidden Islands

In this feature, you will be able to go on a new adventure in which you will find out and explore new hidden islands like Tumble Cube Island. Many more islands will be hidden so your goal is to discover them, find new powerful Pokemon, and collect them for training & fighting.

Customizable Camp

Designing a customized campsite for your Pokémon friends involves selecting a suitable location and choosing matching decorations and furniture. You can order Pokémon-friendly food to entertain, your Pokemon. It ensures safety and adds a personal touch for comfort. Additionally, you can have a chance to invite your Pokémon buddies so they can enjoy the unique and cozy space you’ve created. By considering your Pokémon’s preferences, you can create a special place where everyone can relax and have fun in a setting that reflects your style and care.

Complete Missions and Find New Friends

The missions give you a chance to get more rewards and unlock items in the game. There are plenty of different missions available to participate in that you have to complete. After completing each mission, you will be able to open the next level and new Pokemon with more power. The Pokemon Quest mod apk offers you one more unique feature Pokedex in which you can find your lost friends. By playing missions and modes you can also make new friends and make your own Pokemon team.

MOD Features

 Now, let’s review the other cool features of the Pokemon Quest Mod APK

Unlimited Everything 

The Pokemon Quest Mod Apk provides premium, unlimited everything! Get unlimited ingredients and PM tickets, Unlimited money, and free shopping, All levels will be unlocked and All the Pokemon will be unlocked for free.

The original Pokemon Quest Application does not contain such premium items for free. There are also ads available that are very annoying. Download the Pokemon Quest MOD APK’s latest version, which means you have access to all premium Pokemon and other resources.

 Exclusive Pokemon 

Some Pokemon are super rare and legendary. In the modded version, you can find and catch these special Pokemon that you can’t get in the regular game. They offer a range of benefits that enrich your gaming experience. 

 Expeditions Unlocked

 Normally, you have to play through the game to unlock new places to explore. But with this mod, you can go on exciting adventures right from the beginning. There is no need to wait or grind through levels to discover new areas and Pokemon. 

Max Level Pokemon

 In the regular game, it takes time to level up your Pokemon, but not in the modded version. Your Pokemon can reach their highest levels very quickly. That means you’ll have a team of super-strong Pokemon ready to take on any challenge. 

All Power Stones Unlocked

If your Pokemon have superpowers, it helps to make them stronger than ever before! In the modded APK, you’ll get all the Power Stones right from the start. These stones work like magical gems that make your Pokemon more powerful. It gives your Pokemon a boost of energy, making them almost invincible in battle. With all the Power Stones unlocked, you can take on tough challenges with confidence.

No Advertisements

 Here you can get ads-free gameplay, and there is no restriction when using the Pokemon Quest mod version. The developers of the Pokemon series have removed all the malware, bugs, and pop-up videos, so enjoy the endless battles and play with friends.


While there’s no direct multiplayer, you can share your team data with friends and explore their base camps. 

You cook dishes with ingredients you find during expeditions to attract and recruit new Pokémon.

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.


The final verdict is! Read all the details about the Pokemon Quest Mod APK and its features. Play combat fights, and real-time battles, go on endless journeys, and participate in online raids. Collect cube-shaped Pokemon, build your own home, and if you want to use advanced premium features, Download this Pokemon Quest Mod apk version from our website, Apkmolo.com. Additionally, the comment section is given below for any questions or suggestions. Thank you

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