Game Of Sultans MOD APK v5.101 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Get to know Game of Sultans Mod APK to enlighten yourself about the amazing extra features that players get to enjoy in the mod version.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to Game Of Sultans MOD APK

Game Of Sultans MOD APK

Have you ever imagined yourself as a ruler of a majestic royal family, living a royal life, and building a formidable army to protect your land? Live this dream of yours with Game of Sultans mod APK. This game will take you back to the Ottoman Empire days where you will be the ruler.

This must have caught your interest so let’s explore more about this game in this article. Get ready to stun everyone with your jaw-dropping skills and get to know everything about Game of Sultans with us.

Game of Sultans Mod APK

About the Game

The latest version of Game of Sultans is v5.005 and is a free app. There are a few requirements of this amazing role-play gaming that needs to be met to install it. So you should have an Android 4.4 or up and more than 2 GB of free space to download it on your smartphone.

Features of Game of Sultans

Create Your Empire

In this game, players will get a chance to be a ruler and build their empires. You will be the king of your kingdom so just responsible kings handle all the matters intelligently. Moreover, players can establish multiple businesses to generate income for themselves and their kingdom.

Royal Attires

The feature that impressed me the most was its royal attire collection. Players can try on multiple outfits and pick a royal attire that suits their personality. The variety is huge so they have something for everyone.

Raise Pets

I love pets and when I discovered I can raise pets in Game of Sultans I was over the moon. This is one of my favorite features of this game and I know many pet lovers would feel the same. You can raise pets in your palace for multiple purposes and also use their battle ability to defeat enemies in wars.

Find Love

Game of Sultans is not about wars and ruling your kingdom but you can also find love here and live a life like every other human being. Players can interact with gorgeous female characters and lead their love story to find the future queen.

Expand Your Empire

A king can’t rule his kingdom forever, you will need viziers to take charge as the next ruler of your kingdom. So be a responsible king and expand your empire with your heirs. Players can grow as many viziers as they want and up their level by trading coins.

Fun Events and Exciting Activities

Apart from handling matters inside your castle you can look up upcoming events chart in the game and take part in these events and fun activities. Moreover, if you complete the daily and weekly challenges or tasks you will be rewarded with coins and gems.

PvP Battle Mode

If you are not in the mood for customization and building a kingdom then go to PvP mode and challenge your rivals by immersing yourself in brutal battles. Moreover, you can also increase your ranking by defeating other players and scoring more than them.

Unlimited Hacks

You must be wondering what additional features you will get in this mod game, aren’t you? Well, there is a lot that you won’t find in the original version like battle-winning tactics and hacks so you will always come out as a winner and conquerer in the mod version of this game.

Unlimited Resources

Many players go through a lot of struggle to collect valuable resources like coins, gems, and diamonds. But there is no such thing with the Game of Sultans mod APK because the modified version offers unlimited coins, money, and diamonds which you can spend in the game and grow yourself up into a powerful Sultan. I used plenty of coins and diamonds in the construction project of my kingdom and bought stuff for myself and the best thing is I didn’t run out of money.

Although the original game is enjoyable I can not deny the fact that I got frustrated when I wanted an upgrade in the game but I had to struggle with collecting coins and diamonds. This is one of the reasons why I like the Game of Sultans mod APK more than the original version of the game.

How to Download Game of Sultans Mod APK?

After knowing the features of this mod game no one can help but how they can get this game on their phone, right? For that, you don’t have to go to any other article and look for the information because I am sharing the steps I followed to get this game so just follow my lead.

  • Start with enabling the unknown sources option in your phone settings.
  • Then go to an authentic third-party website to download an APK file like ApkReach.
  • Click on its search bar and type Game of Sultans mod APK.
  • Hit the download button and wait till the process completes.
  • Now open the file manager on your phone and look for Games of Sultan mod APK files.
  • Open the file and install it.
  • Congratulations the game will be installed on your phone in just a few minutes.


Yes, Game of Sultans is also available offline. Once you have installed it you can play it without an internet connection, too.

The mod APK files are considered illegal because of copyright issues. However, whoever downloads the mod APK file won’t be violating any legal rules. It’s the developer who will face legal action if the original owner files a copyright complaint.

APK files do contain bugs and viruses that can malfunction the device. This is why it is suggested to only download APK files from authentic websites only.

Final Thoughts

Game of Sultans is a great strategy game with an impressive storyline. The mod version of this game enhances the gaming experience by many folds because of the additional free features. We have explained the features and downloading method of the Game of Sultans mod APK in this article.

So just follow our guide and treat yourself to the most awesome game designed for the kings. Download it now and I am sure you will obsessed with this game. Enjoy your time.

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