EPIK MOD APK Photo Editor (v4.2.0 Updated) (Premium Unlocked)

Epik Mod APK does not only offer an ad-free experience, but the filter and editing choices of this app make photo editing so much easier.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to EPIK MOD APK


In the era of social media, having the best photo editor is just as important as your next breath. However, the restrictions and in-app purchases make it extremely difficult to take full advantage of an editing application.

That was the case until the Epik Mod APK was introduced. This application single-handedly provides all solutions to the problems that arise during photo editing.

So, if you are tired of your crappy editor that bombards you with tons of ads, read the article below to find the download link to this amazing application. You will also find the key features it provides that will help you use it properly.

Epik Mod APK

What Is It?

Epik is a famous photo editing application that allows users to tinker with their images in different ways. The Epik Mod APK is a modified version of the original application. It comes with the features of the original app as well as many new ones.

What Does It Bring?

The modified version of Epik offers many things to its users. It unlocks advanced tools and offers more editing choices. The users get to tinker with their images without encountering incessant ads all the time.

Key Features

Advanced Tools Unlocked

The original version of this photo editing application has many tools that are locked for users. They need to make purchases or shift their user status to Premium to gain access to these advanced tools. The modified version unlocks all of these tools for the users of the application, which makes the simple task of photo editing so much more fun.

Background Editing

Background editing is often a very tedious task. If you are not an expert in Photoshop, then you will need to spend hours perfecting the background of your image.

Well, that is not the case anymore, as the modified version of Epik makes background editing very easy with its nifty tools. The application comes with an advanced tool called ‘Alter Picture Background’ that makes the task very simple and easy.

More Fonts for Adding Text

When it comes to fonts, there are only a handful of choices available for users to add to their images. However, in the Epik Mod APK, there are many new fonts available for the users.

Many of these choices are highly unique, which makes it so much more fun to add text to the images. Especially, if the person desires to post the photos to their social media account, they can stand out with the simple font.

Unlimited Stickers

Stickers are a fun way to enhance the beauty and appeal of images. This is why, the Mod APK version of the photo editing application offers new stickers to its users.

There are unlimited choices available, the users only need to type in the search bar what they are looking for, and voila! That is not all, the users can even make their own personalized stickers with this application.

Access to Templates

There are some templates available for people to edit their photos. The application does not only provide easy access to those templates, but it also makes it possible for the users to customize the templates according to their needs. So, people can tinker with the template style in any way they desire.

Wide Range of Filters

Filters are a very important part of photo editing, as every person knows. However, using the same boring couple of filters is not only annoying, but it also makes the images boring.

This is why, the Mod APK version comes with a whole new range of filters and effects for the users to enjoy. They are eye-catching and can turn any ordinary picture into a work of art. Moreover, the application also has a few AI and 3-D filters that can add more fun to the image with just a single tap.

Free from Ads

This application does not come with a ton of ads, as the developers have made it free from ads. So, the users will not have to deal with advertisements after every few steps of editing. Moreover, they will also not have to sit around and wait for the ad to pass to take the next step.

Image Live Preview

The feature of live preview is a saving grace in photo editing. It allows users to see all the changes that they are making to the images. In addition to that, there is also a before and after button that lets users see the original image and then its sedated version.

Direct Share to Social Media

There are multiple social media platforms connected to this application. So, if the users desire to share their freshly edited image on any platform, they can do so directly from Epik. Simply click on the icon of that application, and then proceed with the login details!

How do I Download It?

When you click on the download link presented below, it will take you to a new webpage. On that page, you need to locate the Download Now button and then click on it. The file will start to download on your device.

After the download process is complete, you need to open the file and run it to initiate the installation. Follow all the instructions to proceed further. When you reach the end, click on the ‘End’ or the ‘Finish’ button, and voila!


There are many features in the Epik app. AI and 3D filters, background editing tools, and image live preview are some of the best features this application offers.

Yes, the Epik Mod APK is safe to use. The users will not have to deal with any viruses or malware after downloading this application.

Final Thoughts

An application that offers you all the best features on a gold platter is how the Epik Mod APK should be described. Read the article above to find out the meaning of this statement, as it shares all the features of this amazing application.

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