Dropbox MOD APK v342.2.2 (Unlimited Storage) For Android

Dropbox Mod APK does not only offer massive storage space to the users, but it also makes file sharing safer and easier.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction toDropbox MOD APK

Dropbox MOD APK

Whether you are an iPhone user or from the Android community, low storage is a pain every mobile phone user is familiar with. However, spending a ton of money every month for cloud storage is also not a feasible option.

In this situation, nothing seems better than the Dropbox mod APK. This application not only offers massive storage space to users, but it also makes the tedious task of file sharing easier. Therefore, there is no need to resort to Bluetooth, airdrops, or WhatsApp sharing.

Simply read the article below to find the download link to this nifty version of the application. You will also find relevant information about the features of this application.

Dropbox Mod APK

What is it?

Dropbox Mod APK is a modified version of Dropbox, which is a storage application. The users upload their data to the cloud of the application, and from there, they can easily access it at any time or share it with other users.

What Does It Offer?

This storage application offers an easy way for users to keep their data secure on their devices without flooding the phone or SD card storage. Moreover, it also offers easy sharing of different files from one device to multiple other devices.

Key Features

Easy Access to Data

The first key feature of this application is that it offers users easy access to their data. They do not have to go through complicated steps or captchas to view their data. Once the file has been uploaded to the Dropbox cloud, it can be accessed by the user very easily at any time.

Better Storage Solution

Calling the Dropbox Mod APK the better storage solution would be an understatement. This version of the application unlocks premium features for users, including a large amount of space.

They get up to 2TB of storage space on the cloud. Therefore, they can save an unlimited amount of images, documents, and videos to the application and free up space in their devices.

When the data has been transferred to the cloud server, the user can delete all the files from their phone without any worry. Each of the files will be saved on the cloud server for the users to download and save again if needed.

Password Encryption

Another great feature of this version is the safety it offers its users. The users initially have to make an account on the application with their email and passwords that they only know. This is the first and most basic safety step.

However, the modified version has gone a step ahead of other apps by adding password encryption on the application. The users can add an additional password to their application. So, their data will be secure from security breaches.

Data Sharing

Another great feature of this application is that it offers easy yet safe data sharing. The users can either download their files from the cloud or share them directly. For downloading, they will have to save the file on the device and then share it via any other social media application.

For sharing directly, the users will have to share the link to the file with the other person. Each file has a separate link. Once the user shares the link with their friend, they will be able to access the file.

However, they will only be able to view that file and not any other file present on the cloud. Moreover, if the user selects view only, then the second person will not be able to download it on their device.

Offline Accessibility

Being able to view files and data offline without the restriction of internet connectivity is another benefit that users get to enjoy with this version of the application. They do not have to connect their device to the internet in order to view their uploaded data. This feature makes it so much easier to view and access files when the internet is not available.

Scanning Feature

The designers of this version have also added a scanner to the modified version. This scanner stores documents on the cloud by scanning them.

This can be done with a single tap of the camera button. Therefore, there is no need to download or use any third-party applications or tons of other scanners.

Automatic Upload

Along with manual uploading of data to the application, this version also comes with the benefit of automatic upload. This feature becomes active when the person connects their device to WiFi. The application starts to store newly saved data on the device in the cloud immediately after internet connectivity.

How To Download

Downloading this version of the application is a very simple task. Simply click on the download link presented below. Once the application has been downloaded to your device, it is time for you to install it.

Open the newly downloaded file, and select the option install’. You will see some instructions appear on your screen in the installation window. Keep following all the instructions until you reach the end of the process.

Click on the ‘Finish’ button, and voila! The application has been installed on your device and is ready for use.


In order to get free, unlimited space on the application, you will need to refer it to your friends and family. You can also get more space by completing the checklist that is provided to you upon getting started.

Yes, Dropbox Mod APK is a very secure application. It has email and password encryption along with separate password encryption on the application, which makes its usage safer for people.


Relying on random storage applications, or keeping tons of data saved on your device are both foolish decisions, especially, when you have the option of using Dropbox Mod APK. Read the article above to find out all the benefits it offers, as well as the download link.

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