Dragon Raja MOD APK v1.0.289 (Unlock all premium features) for Android

Unlock all the premium features, higher levels, characters, and in-app purchases for free by downloading the Dragon Raja MOD APK.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to Dragon Raja MOD APK

Dragon Raja MOD APK

Dragon Raja MOD APK is a popular role-playing game developed by Famous Heart Limited. It is famous for its anime gameplay, addictive graphics and sound effects, intuitive controls, customization, and many other in-app features.

But you can’t get access to all of these features as they are either paid for or locked until you reach higher levels, which may limit your experience with this amazing anime RPG. To enjoy this game to the fullest, it’s suggested to download Dragon Raja MOD APK, which unlocks all the premium features without costing a single penny. Isn’t it incredible?

Not only does Dragon Raja MOD APK unlock the paid options in the game, but it also improves the graphics, sound quality, controls, and other things and expands your RPG experience. Believe it or not, but you’ll be amazed by the unbeatable amazing gameplay and in-app specifications. Let’s talk more about the APK version of this game shortly!

Get Access to Unlimited Maps

In the gameplay, you will get access to a wide variety of maps to navigate the scenarios. These maps are readily available for both desert and island areas. So, whenever you need assistance while completing 15-day survival challenges, you can choose to play these maps. Not only this, but this Dragon Raja Mod Apk version is equipped with unlimited gems that can help you increase your survival days. These gems come in pretty handy when you are off to confront deadly enemies.

Fight with Deadly Enemies

In this gameplay, this Dragon Raja Mod Apk version has all the fierce enemies unlocked. As you progress in the adventure, there will be more difficult challenges, from defending yourself against sharp fangs to confronting fierce enemies and surviving against bloodthirsty enemies. The good thing is that you can always access weapons like knives and mobile guns without spending any money.

During your search for survival, you will have to find shelter, food, and drinks within an area. This will help you fight against the deadliest animals of deep forests, like snakes, alligators, pythons, and much more. In this Dragon Raja Mod Apk version, you can get access to gems and money to get yourself some tools to defend yourself and survive these forests.

Use Abandoned Facilities

When you are in the process of surviving against deadly enemies, abandoned facilities come in really handy. These mostly come in the form of long-lost islands that have no inhabitants. Using these locations can not only increase your chances of survival but also make it fun for you to explore the gameplay.

Moreover, these places have a number of useful tools and weapons that can help you make and implement a strategy. You can also explore multiple hideouts within these islands that are inaccessible to most enemies. Using these locations will get you some time from the animals, especially at night when you have no defense mechanism available.

Create New Shelters

At any point in the game, do you feel like you are not able to find any shelter within a forest or island and have no idea where to go? The Dragon Raja Mod Apk version allows you to build survival units without spending any money. You can create places to sleep, eat, and plan your game process for better chances of survival. All you need to do is access the automatic architecture systems and customize these places to your liking.

Addictive Gameplay

The first thing that comes to my mind when choosing the right role-playing game is its gameplay. Like when you watch a movie, TV series, or read a novel, or a book, the storyline ranks at the top, right? Similar is the case with an action game, as the gameplay is a turning point that decides whether you’ll find the game interesting or not.

If you love fighting games and are interested in anime characters, you’ll love the overall gameplay of Dragon Raja. In this game, there is an immersive world of Dragons that fight against demons and bad characters to save their land and community. You can choose your character from different available options, select weapons, locations, and more.

High-Quality Graphics

Secondly, the graphics and display quality of a role-playing action game is another important thing to consider, as you cannot play a cheap quality game continuously. In this sequence, the Dragon Raja APK is an excellent option in today’s industry for its distortion-less, clear, and vivid display. It supports 4K high-quality resolution and lets you enjoy fighting the role endlessly.

Exemplary Sound

In addition to the incredible display, the Dragon Raja also supports high-end sound effects that double up the joy of this role-playing video game. Every action in this game is supported by a unique sound effect, which makes the experience better. However, if you don’t want any music or sounds while clicking and fighting, you can mute the game from the settings.

Intuitive Controls

The controls of this RPG are pretty symmetrical and well-managed–all thanks to its developers. Unlike other ordinary video games, you’ll find the default system pretty straightforward and adaptable, even if you’re a beginner. However, if you want to customize the controls and set them as per your convenience, you can do that as well in the game settings.


Not only can you can customize the controls, but you can personalize everything in this action video game. You can transform your character, locations, display, and much more within the application without paying a single penny. Please remember that all these profits and gains are available in the APK version of Dragon Raja.


The best thing about the Dragon Raja MOD is that it is a smartphone friendly application with no hefty compatibility requirements. If you want to install this application, just make sure that your device has Android 5.0 or above, 2 GB of RAM minimum, 6 GB of free space, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU. The compatibility is considered so that there will be no hindrance in downloading and running the application.

Unlimited Coins

In addition, you’ll also get unlimited coins and gems with the APK version, which will let you make in-app purchases and play all the levels, even at the beginning point. In other words, when you download the Dragon Raja MOD, all the levels get unlocked at the start, and you have access to them all. Isn’t it incredible?

How To Download Dragon Raja MOD APK?

Navigate to the download button on this webpage and click on it. An APK file will start downloading on your device, once it gets completed, click on the install button and wait for a few minutes. The application with all unlocked premium features is ready to use.


To install the APK file of Dragon Raja, your device must have Android 5.0 or above, 2 GB of RAM minimum, 6 GB of free space, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU. The compatibility is considered so that there will be no hindrance in downloading and running the application.

To become powerful in Dragon Raja, you need to complete higher levels, buy strong gear to fight against opponents, unlock new titles, mounts, combat skills, and more. Buying special gems and upgrading different levels will also improve your position in this game.

To download the Dragon Raja MOD version, navigate to the download button on this webpage and click on it. Then, install the APK file of this game on your device, and you’re all done!

The Bottom Line

Get rid of limited or paid features and jailbreak requirements with the Dragon Raja MOD APK, which will let you enjoy all the premium options and make in-app purchases without a single penny. It is free of cost, ad-free, and has a pro version of the game designed to expand your RPG experience. In this blog post, I’ve added all the needed information for your assistance in the hope that it will help.

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