Crush Crush APK v0.399 Download (Unlock Diamonds, Jobs)

Here is a complete guide to the features and advantages of playing the Last Island of Survival Mod Apk, without spending any money.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to Crush Crush MOD APK

If you like to try new things while playing fun and sweet dating games, Crush Crush apk is a great choice. This is a love sim game based on the world of anime. The game’s features let you date pretty cartoon characters in several different ways. Besides meeting pretty people, you can also make money by working. 

Plus, players can talk to the female figures to learn more about them. You can get the original game easily from the Play Store, but it doesn’t have many features. For example, the official app only lets you use some of its tools. Because of this, many people like to use a tweaked version of it to get access to all of its features. Look at this guide to learn more about this great game’s features.

 What is Crush Crush APK?

The idea behind Crush Crush apk is very different from other games because it’s about dating. To put it another way, this game lets players share sweet times with anime female characters.

 You can also impress the girls by giving them gifts that are unique and pretty. How do you buy things in the game? That’s the question. That’s right, and the game lets you get a job and make money to buy stuff for the pretty girls in it.

The modified version of the game adds new features and tools that players can use, which makes the game more impressive and fun. You can get a job in the game and make money, as I already said. You can do all the open jobs in the modified version, and you get more money to spend on gifts, dates, and other things.

 The Mod also lets you shop for free to change your character’s clothes, hair, shoes, and other parts of their look. To put it another way, the modified app’s more advanced features let you use paid tools to get more girls interested in you and increase your level of love.


The gameplay in this game is easy but fun. When you join the game, you can talk to pretty girls. Pick your favorite figure to play with first. Get your favorite anime characters to speak to you once you’ve chosen them.

 To get their attention, you can send them stickers and expensive, one-of-a-kind gifts. The players also have to do specific tasks to make money and keep the female figures happy. You can access the game’s paid features by downloading certain cheats. 

Features Of The Crush Crush APK

For people who want to see more of life than just love, the Crush Crush APK is one option. These are the main parts of this dating sim that let you experience love, fun, and different feelings. 

Meet Beautiful Girls

The internet has a lot of different kinds of games, but Crush Crush apk is one of the only ones with a completely different idea. People who like dating games will love this game. You can meet pretty anime girls in this dating sim.

Besides that, you can become close to your favorite character by talking to her and giving her expensive gifts. In short, one of the best things about this game is that it lets you feel love. 

Men create the game’s female models. Because of this, these figures have a dreamy, heavenly structure that can make anyone their slave. The girls in the game have perfect bodies that can make anyone fall in love with them. If you want to date anime girls in a way that can’t happen in real life, you should come to this world.

Engaging Conversations

Talk to your favorite characters in the game after you’ve picked them out. You learn more about each other through this talk. There are also romantic things you can talk about. In addition, this game lets players have long phone calls with girls.

Engaging Conversations

Talk to your favorite characters in the game after you’ve picked them out. You learn more about each other through this talk. There are also romantic things you can talk about. In addition, this game lets players have long phone calls with girls.

 Take Girls On The Date

After talking to her, you’ll know who your best girl character is so that you can plan a romantic date with her. It’s fun to date different girl characters in the game because you can learn more about what they like. To please the beautiful women in the Crush Crush APK, you can also watch movies, go to different places, eat at restaurants, and do many other things.

Also, when things are this sweet, remember to bring gifts. Giving stuff to girls can be a great way to show how much you care. That is, the girls will love you more if you give them things. You can make them love you more by giving them cute clothes, jewelry, and other items.

 Perform Jobs

As I already said, this game gives its players a way to do different tasks and make money. Players can get gifts and use premium tools with this money. They can also use these points and money to advance in level and improve their ability.

 Gifts, movie tickets, and a date with your girl must all cost money. These jobs can help you make money to pay for things your character needs in the game. Mostly, these jobs give your character money, which allows him to meet his girlfriend’s needs.

Customize And Design Outlook

If you want anime figures to be interested in you, you have to look good. To suit your needs, you can change and create your character’s appearance. You can change your character’s skin tone, hair color, shoes, clothes, and many other things in the game. 

Mod Features

The updated version of the Crush Crush apk offers limitless functionality, including unlocked premium features and unlimited money, as I mentioned previously. The few most notable features of the updated version of this dating simulator are as follows.

 Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is the first and most noticeable feature of this Mod game Crush Crush apk. As previously stated, to buy presents for the girls in the game, you must earn money. Because the Mod software gives you infinite money and gives you access to expensive tools to wow girls in the game, this process can be more straightforward.

 With this money, you can purchase additional features, new characters, and images. Additionally, you can use infinite money to unlock the game’s levels and skills. 

Unlock Pictures And Graphics

In the official app, graphs and images of the female characters spending real money are available. There are numerous methods in which the customized programs might assist you in getting free access to these images. Unlike the official program, the customized version makes it easier to obtain graphs and pictures of anime beauties.

 Unlocked Jobs

You can only access some jobs in the game with the official app, which is one of its shortcomings. Put another way, you can pursue various occupations by performing particular jobs. The primary advantage of utilizing the altered version of this game is that it offers users pre-unlocked tasks. Therefore, unlocking the jobs is acceptable for you.

 No Ads

This software Crush Crush apk has a No Ad policy that prevents pointless advertisements from appearing, just like many other sophisticated modified apps. The official has no policy on ads. Unwanted advertisements consequently show up on your screen while you’re playing. You won’t have to worry about unwelcome apps appearing on your device’s screen while using this app to play games.

 Free To Play

The fact that this customized version of the Crush Crush APK allows for free gameplay is another noteworthy feature. To perform better in the game, you can apply free cheats. Free cheats, however, are absent from the official software. With the premium features unlocked, you can enjoy the game.

 How to Download Crush crush APK

Following the procedures and precautions, downloading the Crush Crush APK is easy. Get the MOD APK by following these steps: 

  • Find Trustworthy Source. Find Crush Crush MOD APK on trusted websites or forums. The source should be trustworthy to avoid security issues and virus penetration.
  •  Download APK. Find the platform-specific Crush Crush MOD APK download link. Click the download link to begin downloading. Before continuing, let the file download entirely.

 Crush Crush MOD APK Installation on Android

The Android Crush Crush MOD APK installation process is straightforward. Install MOD APK using these steps:

  • Allow Unknown Sources. Enable app installation from unknown sources in Android’s security settings before installing MOD APK. This step lets the device install apps from outside the Google Play Store.
  • APK File Location Crush Crush APK file is in the chosen folder or “Downloads” on your device.
  • Start Installation. Start the installation by tapping the APK file. Complete installation by following on-screen prompts.

Finish Installation. Let the installation finish. After installation, you can launch Crush Crush MOD APK from your device’s app menu and play better.


Crush Crush MOD APK system requirements vary by game version and mods. It usually requires a suitable Android or iOS device with enough storage and a MOD APK-supporting OS.

Crush Crush MOD APK supports many Android and iOS devices. To ensure a smooth and optimal gameplay experience, check your device’s MOD APK compatibility.

Protecting your device when downloading Crush Crush MOD APK requires caution and precaution. Download the MOD APK from trusted sources, use reliable antivirus software, and avoid excessive permissions during installation.

Crush Crush MOD APK modifies and distributes copyrighted material, which may be illegal. Unauthorized game use may result in legal troubles and copyright violations.

Uninstalling the MOD APK and reinstalling the original version from the app store may be necessary to revert to the original Crush Crush. Users should back up their game data to avoid losing progress during the switch.

Final Line

The preceding page provides all of the important information regarding a well-known dating simulator known as Crush Crush APK. Even if the official app may be downloaded from the Play Store, it contains few features.

The altered version of the game, in contrast to the official application, comes with no restrictions on its features, and all of its levels are accessible right away. Check out the walkthrough above to become familiar with the characteristics of this one-of-a-kind game, Crush Crush APK.

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