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Introduction of Car Town Streets Mod APK

Car Town Streets Mod APK

Many games with different genres are available online, but car games remain everyone’s favorite. Car games are full of adventure, and many individuals love playing them. Among all car games, Car Town Streets remains one of the most played games on the Play Store.

Unfortunately, its developers closed this game back in 2015. Don’t worry; you can still play this game in its modified version. The modified version allows you to play the game with unlocked features.

Hence, you can still enjoy playing your favorite game by downloading it from our site, ApkReach. The following article contains detailed game features and tells you how to download it on your device. Let’s dig into the following guide and explore this fun car racing game.

Car Town Streets MOD APK

A Quick Introduction

Cie Games manufactured this game, Car Town Streets MOD APK, back in 2012. This car game has numerous fun activities. As is clear from its name, this game is all about cars. All you need to do is build a town of your choice and purchase different cars, use them for racing against your opponents, or give them out for work to earn additional money.

You can participate in different additional activities and events to level up. The complexity and variety of cars increase with the levels. This game was a huge success, but its developers closed it in 2015.

The best part is that you can still enjoy your favorite game in its modified version. You can download the modified version of the game from our site and enjoy its unlimited features.

A Quick Start Guide

Once you download the game from our website and start it, you will come across the robot called “Roxy,” who is your guide and guides you regarding game features. Additionally, it provides brief instructions regarding the gameplay.

You can build your town and name it by tapping on “My Town” at the top of your screen. Remember, your town name must have a maximum of 16 letters. The game screen contains a main menu in the lower left corner, allowing you to customize the game’s settings according to your requirements.

Game Features

Rusty’s Car Rescue

When I first played this game, one of the first things I encountered was Rusty’s Car Rescue. I won’t be wrong if I say it plays an essential role in the game. As clear from its name, this feature is all about car rescue.

This location is already unlocked and available on your town’s map. Rusty Car Rescue is where a player can store his cars that are unsuitable for the road.

This location also contains a shop next to it that allows you to build new cars from the old ones. Rusty’s Car Rescue helps you find cars and rebuild them to use in your town.

Variety Of Cars

Usually, many car games do not offer more than 20 vehicles, but this game is different. Its advanced properties allow you to find more than 60 different cars.

You can also find some old cars, rebuild them, and use them in your town. Hence, these advanced characteristics enhance your game experience to a great extent.

Adding New Cars

Apart from rebuilding old cars, the advanced properties of the game allow you to explore new cars and purchase them with your coins. Furthermore, you can win new cars by participating in additional events and activities. Once your car is ready to go on the roads, you can race with it against your opponents or use it for work to earn more coins.

Adding New Businesses

One of the features that I love the most about this game is that, apart from exploring cars, it allows you to add numerous businesses in your town to expand it and earn money. To choose a business, tap on the game’s menu and visit an in-game shop to find your favorite business.

After choosing your concerned business, adjust its location in your town by moving the building with your fingers. Once you choose a suitable location, the building goes through construction. This process might take a few hours, so you can open your shop and earn money when the building is complete.

Assigning Jobs

As I stated earlier, this game allows you to assign jobs to your car to earn money. Remember, each car you rebuild or purchase has a specific preference for its job.

Hence, you must assign it the preferred job. If you assign your car a job related to a pizza shop, it works for food deliveries and earns money for you.

How do I install Car Town Streets MOD APK?

As you know, the official game is closed and thus unavailable on the Play Store. Though it is unavailable on the Play Store, you can still download its modified version from our site. Follow the following steps to install the game on your device.

  • Click “Download” on our website.
  • Once you download the game, open your device’s settings.
  • Now, click “Enable Unknown Sources” for easy installation.
  • After enabling it, open Files on your device and install the downloaded file on your device.
  • Now you can enjoy unlimited game features.


Car Town Streets MOD APK is the modified version of the original car racing game. Since the official game is closed, you can use the modified version to enjoy its advanced features.

The developers of the official game closed this game for technical reasons, but you can use the modified version in any country by downloading it through our website.

This game was one of the best-known car games on the internet, but unfortunately, its developers shut it down back in 2015.

You can assign different jobs to your purchased cars to earn money. Remember, each car has a preference for a job. Therefore, you must assign it the preferred job for better performance and more money.


Numerous car racing games are available online, but Car Town Streets MOD APK remains one of the most popular. Although this game was a huge success, its developers shut it down in 2015. The game’s modified version is available online to facilitate players.

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