Board Kings MOD APK v4.49.0 Download (Unlimited Money/Rolls)

Follow this guide to learn more about the Board Kings Mod Apk gaming experience and how to download it on your mobile phone.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Board Kings Mod APK

Board Kings MOD APK is a live-action board game that allows you to gather a group of friends and enjoy virtual board games. Each player has their own board, and the purpose of the game is to compete and win as many games as possible. This will improve their ranking in the game.

However, the subscription cost is a little higher, which is why most people feel hesitant to enjoy this game. Want to enjoy the same experience without paying a registration fee? Don’t waste more time, and follow this guide to learn more about the Board Kings Mod Apk version.

Pair Up with Friends

The best thing about playing Board Kings MOD APK is that it allows you to enjoy the entire experience with your friends instead of going solo. It is just like other board games, especially Ludo, where all of you come together and have an exciting match. This adds to the overall experience and level of excitement.

Borrow the Stuff from Friends

When you are building a new kingdom from scratch, you can always ask for stuff from your friends or take it straight away without even informing them. But do consider that they can do the same with you. Likewise, if you get caught getting some stuff without permission, you may lose some credit scores from the board, which may affect your place in the game.

The Dice Makes It Fun

The entire game is based on playing according to the dice. The player from one team rolls the dice, and whatever comes is his or her fate and will determine his or her chances of winning. The only way to work against your number on the dice is to use your brain and make the right decision within a short period of time.

Enjoy Competitive Matches

This game has a number of solo and multiplayer challenges that allow you to improve your rank in the game. You can play as many matches as possible, and with each win, you get access to rewards. Similarly, players in groups can gather resources and expand their kingdoms for better protection against the invaders.

Earn Rewards and Customizations

There is a large scope of rewards and wins in this game, as players have numerous opportunities to get involved in competitions. They can sign up for daily rewards, considering that they work best for improvement in rank. And with each reward, you get a chance to customize your kingdom on the board.

Add Landmarks

Another good thing about this game is that you can always add landmarks when you feel like it. These landmarks include all the popular sites like the Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower, the Tower of Liberty, and much more. Although they cost money in the original game, you can get them without paying a single penny in the Board Kings MOD APK version.

APK Mod Version Features

There are a number of unlocked features in the Mod Apk version of Board Kings MOD APK, and some of them are as follows,

  • This game supports unlimited dice rolls. This means that you can roll the dice as many times as you want to get the desired outcome.
  • It has an endless supply of gold and money, with which you can make numerous purchases. These purchases will help you gain confidence in other kingdoms and expand your territory on the board.
  • This Mod Apk version supports 3D visuals that allow you to turn the board in any direction you want. It will help you analyze the situation and increase your chances of winning the competition.
  • This game has a multiplayer mode where the entire friend group can come together to enjoy a board game session. Each member has a unique board, and you all can always combine your resources to expand the empire.
  • It has a great deal of scope for customization. So, you can change the appearance of the kings, decorate your empire, and rebuild all the cities.
  • There is a wide range of boards available in the game, and you can explore all of them. This keeps you hooked the entire time and doesn’t let you feel bored or uninterested.
  • It has a number of fun solo battles where you get to confront real kings, and this immediately boosts your rank in the game.

What’s New in the Updated Version

  • In the new and improved version, you will get to enjoy a number of perks. Some of them are listed as follows.
  • It has an option for new players where they can roll the dice to become kings of the big empires.
  • The new characters are added in the updated version.
  • Players can explore new themes and boards in this game.
  • The developers have added new rewards and gifts.
  • It has a no-ad policy for you to enjoy an uninterrupted experience.
  • It has quick bug fixes so that you won’t experience any glitches.
  • It is tested for malware. Hence, installing it on your phone is safe for the most part.

Install This Game on Your Mobile Phone

Follow these simple steps to install the Board Kings Mod Apk version on your mobile phone.

  1. First, open your phone’s security settings and allow unknown sources to download files.
  2. Next, download the Mod Apk source file and wait for a few moments.
  3. Once it is complete, open the file and click Installer. This will activate the installer.
  4. After a few moments, you will get to enjoy this game on your phone. In the meantime, make sure the device has working internet.
  5. Finally, gather all your friends and enjoy this board game.


To download this game on your phone, make sure it has working internet, an updated version of Android 5.0, and at least 500 MB of space. I hope you have found this guide helpful in figuring out how to install it on your phone. Finally, have fun and enjoy this board adventure with your friends.

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