Bloons TD Battles 2 APK v2.1.2 Download Tower Defense Battles

Bloons TD Battles 2 APK Download v2.1.2 and battle your friends in the best tower defense game ever. Express your abilities and get on Apkmolo. 

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction to Bloons TD Battles 2 APK

Bloons TD Battles 2 apk is all about attacking and blocking. Tower defense games aren’t new to players, but more of them are being made because people enjoy them so much. Enjoy these kinds of games as much as I do? Then you may have played Dungeon Defenders, Kingdom: Two Crowns, and Minion Master. Bloons TD Battles 2 apk is also in the same type as the games we’ve already talked about.

Some of the best things about Bloons TD Battles 2 apk are its graphics, sound effects, and ability to help you plan your moves. It looks like gamers of all ages are totally amazed by the games because they give them such a great experience. Come up with a good plan, and it will be easier to move forward in the game and have fun while you do it. Do you want to know more about this great game? Read on.

What You Need to Know About Bloons TD Battles 2

When you hear the name Bloon TD, you might think of Ninja Kiwi. This is because the famous New Zealand game developer is known for making the amazing Bloon TD series. The makers have put out a lot of games with the same name. Ninja Kiwi released Bloon TD Battles 2 on November 30, 2021. 

There are also in-game purchases that players can make to get monkeys and heroes that will help them do better in the game. More than five million people have downloaded Battle 2 from the Google Play Store, which shows how popular it was with users. You will have to protect your area by building towers, just like in other Bloon TD games.

The goal is not only to defend but also to fight the enemy. If you only focus on defense, you will not be able to win battles. When the fights begin, things can get rough. The game costs money to play. The app shop lets you download the game, but you might have to pay to get access to extra features.

What makes the new update unique?

The Bloons TD Battles 2 APK game is a lot like the Bloon TD games that came before it, like Bloon TD 6 and Bloon TD Battles Many parts of these games are the same, like the theme, but some changes that people really like make them different. Even though many users want the animation to be better, the HD graphics are a pluspoint that won’t take away from the fun of playing the game, which will keep you hooked to your device.

In this version, there is only one game mode instead of two in the previous version. In a one-on-one battle, also called a “player vs. player” war, you are fighting another player. You can now get monkey money and prizes. There are no trophies for sale, so you can’t buy them. Instead, you can win head-to-head fights and add these to your collection. It looks like the bloons you can send out and the towers you have to build are getting better.

Many gamers enjoy their gaming experience even though the newer version has lower-quality graphics and sound effects that aren’t all that different. This is because the newer version has more action and aggression. It now sends more bloons at the enemy in the form of a charging round. Plus, the real-time experience and the way these bloons hit things make things even more fun. The towers are more committed than the ones that came before.

Type of Game 

The type of Bloons TD Battles 2 APK game that tower defense games are is pretty self-explanatory. You can move forward in the game by protecting your area and beating other players. To get to the Hall of Masters without leaving the game is the main goal of the game. Each time you win a fight, you move up in the arena, and each time you lose, you move down a level.

The player can play against the stars in the Hall of Masters once they get there. There are a lot of venues that will help you get to higher levels. To buy towers, monkeys, and heroes, you’ll need monkey money. The next step is to make a plan and fight once you’ve chosen these.

They will attack your area, and you will have to fight them. You will also have to fight the other player. Players will put their strategic plan into action with the help of the team they put together. In the fight, you have to do more than just protect your tower. You also have to make sure that your tower, your goods, and your people are safe.

How Do I Play Bloons TD Battles 2 APK ? 

First things first. It’s available for free in the Google Play Store. You can put the game on your computer or phone by clicking on the “Download” button. Once you’ve got the game, open the app and make an account by giving the app the information it needs—it’s free.

 It will be clear to the app that the account is new to the database. A hero from the game shows up for the players. After that, the hero tells the players to go to fight school. The battle school is like an introduction, and it’s very helpful for new players because it shows them how to play. However, you decide on your own strategy and game plan. After you finish all four lessons, you will be able to play.

These movies from battle school were very helpful to me. They answer a lot of questions and make the steps for game growth pretty easy. There will be another starter hero. The two players will show up on the map before the fight starts. Every player has their own area, heroes, team, goods, towers, and 150 lives. With the help of the map, you will send your bloons to another place. Bloons that attack will destroy the towers and monkeys of your opponents. 

The number of lives lost will likely drop faster if the attack is stronger. It doesn’t matter how hard you work at tower defense or how well your team works together if your opponent’s bloons bring your life total down to zero. You will lose. As long as you have the chance, you will win. You’ll get a trophy, some awards, upgrades, and monkey money. 

The features are becoming more popular among players.

New Towers: There are now more tower choices for players to choose from. Each tower has its own abilities and ways to upgrade it, so players can strategically defend against the bloons that are coming at them. 

Better Graphics: The game Bloons TD Battles 2 APK has better graphics, which make the world more visually appealing and immersive for players.

Multiplayer Mode:Players can show off their strategic skills in exciting multiplayer fights in Bloons TD Fights 2 APK, where they can compete against friends or other players in real time. 

Customizable Upgrades: Players can change the way their towers and upgrades work to suit the way they like to play, Bloons TD Battles 2 APK which makes each fight unique and strategic. 

difficult game modes: The game Bloons TD Battles 2 APK has a number of difficult modes that give players a wide range of gameplay experiences and test their tactical and strategic thinking. 

Regular Updates: Bloons TD Battles 2 APK gets updates all the time, which add new maps, towers, and features. This way, players can always find new content and fun tasks. 

How do I get the Bloons TD Battles 2 APK? 

  • Click on the link at the top of the page that says Download. 
  • Make sure the source is trustworthy to avoid any possible security risks. 
  • Find the file Bloons TD Battles 2 APK on your device after the download is done. 
  • Make sure you can install apps from unknown sources by going to your device’s settings and turning on that option. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to put Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK on your device after you open the file you downloaded.
  • The installation is complete, and you can now start the game and enjoy the extra features and benefits that come with the modified version.
  • Make sure you get the APK from a trustworthy source to keep your device safe from security risks or malware.


This is a modified version of the popular tower defense game Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK. It adds new features and improvements that weren’t in the original. It gives players a more interesting and dynamic game experience.

Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK might or might not be safe to use, depending on where you get it. To keep your device safe and avoid possible security risks, you should only get it from sources you can trust.

With Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK, players can get extra resources, premium features, and customizable game choices, which makes the game more fun and tailored to their tastes.

To make sure you’re downloading Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK safely, only get it from a trusted source and scan it with a reliable antivirus program before you install it.

Final Thoughts

In last words Bloons: TD Battles 2 APK has some great new features and benefits, but users should be aware of the risks that could come with it. The changed version can make your game experience better, but you should only use it in a smart way and only download it from a safe source to avoid any security risks.

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