Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK Download v1.9.4a fully Unlocked

Unlock the paid features of this game for free and get unlimited money by installing the Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money

Introduction To Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK

Gameloft developed the popular racing video game, Asphalt Xtreme. It is one of the biggest platforms where you can accomplish your endless racing sessions and enjoy it with your friends and family.

But, the game has premium features that are either paid for or locked until you reach higher levels. If you want to explore this game to the fullest, you need to download it.

Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK

The Asphalt Xtreme APK version not only unlocks the gold features of the game, but it also adds unlimited money, excellent graphics, a customizable interface, exemplary sound quality, and more. Let’s discuss its features in detail!

Asphalt Xtreme MOD Features

Better control

The MOD version of Asphalt Xtreme features better control–all thanks to the AI, which helps you customize the controls and improve your performance in a nutshell. You can change the controls at your convenience from the settings, switch interfaces, and more to personalize the best game experience.

This way, your gaming performance will increase and you’ll surely notice a change. Well, that’s not mandatory, you can also stick to the default controls if you want to. I like tilt screen rotation, so I changed the controls to screen tilt mode.

Multiple Modes

The Asphalt Xtreme APK features multiple modes, including Rookie, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, and Master. As the name indicates, these modes represent the difficulty of the game, and you’re suggested to choose one as per your expertise.

However, that doesn’t mean if you’re a beginner, you’ll stick to amateur forever. In my opinion, you should start as a rookie, gradually improve your racing performance in the game, and step-by-step move on to the harder modes in-game.

In the original version, you cannot access all these modes on your own; either you need to fulfill certain criteria or pay bucks to unlock all the modes in the game. But luckily, the APK version of this game gives you access to all modes, giving you freedom of gameplay.

New Locations

In the MOD APK, you can also explore new locations and race there. I love the addition of off-roading mode in this game, which lets you thrash your vehicle through rough and tough surfaces and experience dreamy adventures.

Not only that, but this racing game also includes a map, using which you can see and choose different locations for the next race. The addition of this feature has made Asphalt Xtreme a bit more interesting for racers.

Vehicle Upgrades

In addition to the gaming locations, you can also upgrade your existing vehicle in this modified version and race with your opponents like a pro. There are many different kinds of trucks, SUVs, buggies, monster cars, muscle cars, and other vehicles available in the game.

In Asphalt Xtreme, my favorite models for racing include the Ford Focus RS, Land Rover Defender, Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Monster, Predator X-18, and Mini AII4 Racing X-Raid. If you also love to ride any of these models, don’t waste your time, and download the MOD APK game now!

Finest Interface

When downloading a video game, the interface is something I cannot compromise on. This is because playing a game with a rough or poor GUI sounds like an unhealthy idea, isn’t it? If you stand in the same circle, you’ll love the experience of this video game.

This is because it features an incredible graphic user interface that will deliver an exemplary racing experience. The graphics, colors, texts, icons, and everything is so vibrant and to the point. If you have played on the original version before, you’ll see a big change in overall display quality on this.

Multiplayer Mode

Playing video games becomes a lot more fun when your friends or siblings are opponents, right? This just replenishes childhood memories and brings nostalgia to the gaming session. The features of this game’s multiplayer mode bring that joy to us and make our weekends and leisure time unforgettable.

Diverse Languages

The Asphalt Xtreme is not only America’s favorite game but it is also being played in many regions of the world. In consideration of the language barriers, the producers have designed this game in multiple languages so that gamers around the world can enjoy this racing game.

For your information, this game is available in these languages: English, German, Portuguese/Brazil, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia. Isn’t it incredible?

Vivid Sound Quality

Video games are not only about the display quality; the sound also matters a lot. In this sequence, the Asphalt Xtreme APK offers vivid sound quality, which will double up your overall experience of racing with this game.

Perform Stunts

Moreover, the modified version also lets you perform various stunts and tricks with your favorite vehicles. It would be right to say that this game will not limit your experience in any way.

Unlimited Money

In addition, the Asphalt Xtreme modified version also gives unlimited money to your in-game using which you can buy things from the in-game store. You can upgrade vehicles, buy accessories, and modify the interface.

Subscription-Free Gameplay

Overall, the APK Asphalt Xtreme gives you access to subscription-free gameplay, which means you don’t have to pay even a single penny. You’ll get all the premium features of this top-notch racing game for free of cost.

How do I install Asphalt Xtreme APK?

To install the game, you need to open the browser and search for it. Click on any of the links to download the application to your device.

Once you click on the download button, a document will get downloaded to your device, Open it click on the install option, and give permissions for external downloading. The Asphalt Xtreme APK is ready to use.


It depends on the site you’re using to download the APK Asphalt Xtreme. That’s why it is suggested to always choose a good ranking platform to install this app.

To get access to all premium features free of cost, you need to download the Asphalt Xtreme MOD. The modified version not only unlocks the paid features, but also brings exemplary interface, graphics, sound quality, and more.

People who need to get free gifts and rewards should download Appnana MOD APK.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re aware of the Asphalt Xtreme MOD; it’s time for you to expand your racing video game experience. Downloading this version is pretty straightforward and safe, and it will not only unlock the paid and premium features but also brings better GUI, sound quality, video quality, multiple modes, and more.

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