AFK Arena MOD APK Download v1.117.02 (High Damage)Unlimited Everything

There is no need to pay for locked features in AFK Arena RPG when you can access them by installing the AFK Arena MOD APK for free.

✅ Unlimited Energy
✅ Unlimited Money


AFK Arena MOD APK is a role-playing action video game that is derived from the concept of Celtic mythology. This RPG has become popular for its optimistic graphics, catchy storyline, and amazing gameplay.

However, the basic version of AFK Arena limits the players from paid and premium features. It is not a good idea to spend dollars on premium features of video games when you can access all of them by downloading the AFK Arena MOD APK version for free of cost. Let’s explore more features of the APK of this popular game:


AFK Arena

AFK Arena MOD APK is a role-playing action game developed by the Lilith Games. The main character of the game “Dura” who is the Goddess of Life was assaulted by the God of Death–Hypogeans who were directed from the Annih due to jealousy.

In the game, Dura forms the artifacts to defeat the Hypogeans, but after millennia, the Hypogeans formed again causing a threat to the life of Dura. There are now different tropes that can protect Dura from the Hypogeans; the tropes include Always chaotic evil, Asset actor, Big bad ensemble, Bribing your way to victory, Com mons, Cute monster girl, and many more.

Overall the gameplay of AFK Arena is pretty riveting, but more than that what I love the most about this game is its Hi-Fi graphics. Each and every character in the game is well-designed with symmetrical color themes, patterns, and more that catch your attention and let you play this interesting game for hours without a break.

That’s important as I cannot tolerate low-quality graphics–not even for an hour! If you stand in the same queue, the AFK Arena will not disappoint you. This RPG is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, both for free of cost.

AFK Arena MOD APK Features–Explained

The AFK Arena MOD APK is the modified version of the AFK Arena RPG that gives players access to the locked features of the game. Not only that, but it also brings excellent graphics, multiple modes, unlimited currency, and whatnot. Let’s explore more features of AFK Arena MOD APK in detail:

More Characters

The AFK Arena APK app gives you access to hundreds of heroes and characters that you can transform into to win the battle. Each character in the game has special powers and capabilities, different from the others, which make every character or hero special and demanding for players.

You can get or switch to the characters to bring their traits and improve your performance in the battle likewise. For your information, there are different levels in the game and you can choose characters from seven factions. It is recommended to upgrade your surface and skills after every 10th level to increase your winning chances.

Improved Graphics

As I said earlier, the MOD version of AFK Arena not only gives you access to locked features, but it also improves and delivers spectacular graphics. That’s of great importance because no gamer is ready to play a cheap quality game for a long time.

I have played both versions of this RPG but found a straight change in the graphics of AFK Arena MOD. I must say that AFK Arena MOD has a better color theme, visuals, and objects and it supports a high-definition display that will enhance your visibility experience, in a nutshell.

Wide Adventure

Unlike ordinary video games, the AFK Arena lets you explore a wide land with different divisions. Each location in the game is defined on the map and can be explored by the main character, which keeps your interest intact.

However, the original version of this game, which is available on Play Store and Apple Store is lagging in this sequence because it does not open access to all the lands in the initial levels. Don’t limit yourself! Download the MOD APK now to explore all the areas of AFK Arena and defeat the enemies like a pro!


Not only the graphics, but the APK version of AFK Arena also let you customize the gameplay at your convenience. In other words, you can change the controls and customize the theme, character, and more in the game to expand and customize your experience with this RPG.

Unlimited Currency

Like other role-playing games, the AFK Arena also includes a store where there are accessories available like weapons, apparel to customize your character, and more. The original version of the game needs you to complete levels to gain limited money, but that’s not the case with this APK version because it adds unlimited diamonds in the game to give you the freedom to shop and update.

Free Level Upgrade

Upgrading and completing the level in this game can be tough especially at the high levels even for the pro gamers. To reduce the hassle and let you explore all levels of this game, the MOD version provides a free level upgrade.


Spending money on a game doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, especially when you have an opportunity to get the locked and premium features for free by downloading the MOD APK version. In this blog post, I have added more details for it; don’t forget to swipe up.

There is no risk involved in installing the AFK Arena MOD from a trustable website (i.e., apkmolo). However, if you go for deceitful sites, it will be unsafe for your gadget and privacy.

Yes, it is possible to play this game on a computer or laptop, but for that, you’ll need to download the App player or supporter. I downloaded the BlueStacks on my PC to play AFK Arena but found it better on my smartphone.

Last Thoughts!

That’s all for the AFK Arena MOD version! If you’re all set to enjoy this game to the fullest and expand your video gaming experience, download the APK file now and explore this action game without any limitations.

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